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Hello there, I'm

Baxter Crane,

I am an artist from Atlanta, Georgia. I've always

loved drawing, especially when there is a captivating and heart felt narrative. So, when I was introduced to animation, I fell in love.

After receiving my BFA from Kennesaw State University, I became

active in Atlanta’s emerging artist scene doing both group

and solo shows and volunteering at indie galleries. However,

each new piece I created was only a slice of a bigger story I

wanted to develop. So, I moved out to San

Francisco with my two cats in tow, got my Master's Degree in

Visual Development for Animation and became a 

story artist.


My industry experience has been a blast so far. I have had the opportunity to develop characters, props, backgrounds and flush out narrative moments through boarding and animatics. If you're looking for an energetic merry maker with a boatload of corny jokes to add to your team please don't hesitate to contact me!

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